The BCS and Trent Richardson's Heisman Hopes

posted Nov 27, 2011, 1:49 PM by Bama CrimsonTide
Ok Bama football fans, ROLL TIDE!  What a great, and commanding victory over Auburn last night.  It was truly a great victory.  I had fun hanging out with my family at mom and dad's house yesterday.  We had ordered Dreamland BBQ and it was delicious!  We picked up all the sides at Rudy's and they were good too!

Well, it looks like Alabama has a pretty good shot at the BCS National Championship if you look at the prevailing polls; Roll Tide Roll got a hold of the Harris Poll:  and got a hold of the Coaches Poll numbers:

The only not so good news is Trent Richardson's Heisman hopes. has Trent Richardson as #2:

I hope that it gets better for Richardson, whose numbers are better than Mark Ingrams' were 2 years ago.  It would also be great to have 3 Heisman's in a row for the great state of Alabama (Ingram, Newton and maybe Richardson).  Alright, you guys take care and remember, ROLL TIDE!