Roll Tide - Beat Auburn! Another Alabama Football season draws to an end

posted Nov 20, 2011, 2:20 PM by Bama CrimsonTide
Well, another season of Alabama football is coming to an end.  Where do I begin?  It's been fun and its been frustrating.  The Offense has sputtered at times, and Special Teams, well, I'll just leave that one alone.  Aside from the lack of kicking and the loss to LSU, it's been an exciting season of Alabama football! 

This week we have ordered some Dreamland BBQ for the Auburn game.  3 slabs of Dreamland Ribs and 1lb of pulled pork!  Mmm, Mmm, good!  We will pick up some sides at Rudy's BBQ here in San Antonio.  Good food, great family and an awesome game!  I can't wait!

A quick shout-out to Christopher Williams and Kerry Moore are set to graduate from the University of Alabama next month with their Masters in Interactive Technology!  Roll Tide!  I know they are proud and I am proud of them.  It's hard to believe that I graduated in August.

Well, that's about it.  Y'all take care and remember, ROLL TIDE!