More Media Bias against Alabama and the SEC

posted Aug 14, 2012, 7:13 AM by Bama CrimsonTide
This past week, in the most recent edition of ESPN the Magazine, is (in my opinion) a very biased cover against Alabama Football and the SEC.  ESPN admits that Alabama and the SEC are the most dominate conference in college football.  BUT, they go on to say, or infer, or whatever, that they want somebody, anybody, or more precisely, the USC Trojans to take them down.  This isn't the first time that ESPN has been sniffing the USC jock strap.

Does ANYONE remember the year 2005?  More importantly, the 2005 USC Trojans?  You know those guys; Reggie Bush and Matt Leinert.  Where are they now?  Isn't Bush playing for those lowly Miami Dolphins?  Is Matt Leinert still in the NFL?  I think he was the 3rd string QB in Houston last year.  Ok, he actually was the 2nd stringer until Leinert got injured in his first starting game and TJ Yates came in and stole his lunch money AND took away his starting job.  But I digress.  I remember the 2005 USC Trojans, but not because I was in Iraq that year, but because ESPN (the network) kept airing show after show after show touting the 2005 USC Trojans as THE BEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM OF ALL TIME!  Yes, it's true.  Look it up!  ESPN didn't give the Texas Longhorns a chance to win the Rose Bowl.  None.  Nada.  Zip.  Bupkis!  Well, you shouldn't need Wikipedia to know that the Texas Longhorns took USC to the proverbial woodshed and shocked ESPN and the rest of the sporting world!

And just in case you think that I am biased towards the Alabama Crimson Tide, you should know that I am (I am an Alumni).  But you should also know that I am about RIGHT!  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  And blind devotion is wrong and just plain dumb.  Be educated.  Plus, apparently, I am not the only person who believes that ESPN is all over that ESPN Jock Strap.  Check out this little anti ESPN-USC Trojan nugget ESPN Drunk Behind the Wheel of the USC Bandwagon by Kerry J. Byrne of

I don't want to spoil the article for you.  Honestly, I just glanced through it because I can barely stomach the drivel that comes of out of ESPN when it comes to their OVERWHELMING bias towards certain teams.  And you know the ones I speak of (Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame).  I will save my extreme dislike of media bias for Notre Dame for another time.  Until then, ROLL TIDE!
Bama CrimsonTide,
Aug 14, 2012, 7:13 AM