Being a mom is hard work

posted Mar 25, 2011, 3:34 PM by Bama CrimsonTide
Whoever said being a mom was easy was an idiot.  My wife is out of town with her nieces and sisters having a little mini vacation.  It's much deserved.  So I am here at home doing what she would normally do.  Well let me tell you, this job aint easy.  Today was by far the hardest.  After dropping her off at school, I had to do some last minute grocery shopping for dinner tonight (homemade pizza).  Then I had to go and get lunch for us so we could eat together in the cafeteria during lunch.

After lunch I went home to change and bring water and sunscreen so we be protected and hydrated during the school's walk-a-thon.  But before the walk-a-thon, I had to fill in for "mom" during my daughter's teachers birthday party.  Then my daughter and I walked/jogged 2 1/2 miles at the walk-a-thon.  She complained about her feet, but she was a trooper.  After school I took her to the neighborhood pool to cool off.  Then it was back home to make her some nachos for her "snack."  Being a 2nd grader sure makes one hungry!

Now I am letting the dough rise so that we can begin rolling it out to make pizza.  So during this time, I am trying to crank out this blog post and maybe tweet and FB while I can.  So far I have done some laundry and have the dishwasher nearly filled.  I enjoy being busy, but this crap is for the birds!  You moms out there, you can have this job.  I will stick to my conventional, 9-5 day job.  And to the single moms out there, GOD BLESS YOU!

Part-time dad, OUT!